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A great (and cost effective) way to control weeds be free adding mulch to gardens!


3 sizes for YOUR convienince:

3x25' $4.99/roll

3x50' $8.49/roll

3x100' $15.99/roll

  • Stops garden mulches (stone, bark etc.) from mixing with the soil
  • Keeps your landscaped area clean and tidy
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Specifically designed for use in perennial gardens.
  • Soil Stabilization - separates stone and subsoil to prevent intermixing  under driveways, interlocking brick etc.
  • Drainage - reduces pressure, minimizes leakage and prevents pooling  water around wood or stone retaining walls.
  • Erosion - helps stop erosion on stream and river banks, embankments  and other slopes.

Landscape Fabric 7 Year

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