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Information You Need

To provide a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience, we believe all store policies need to be clear, fair and transparent. Take a look below to learn more about ours, and reach out with questions.

  • All bulk sales are final. Once a bulk delivery has been made, unfortunately we are unable to offer pick-up of material or any refund. This applies to both delivery and completed pick-up orders.

  • Our responsibility ends at the curbline. We are happy to off load to a designated area as requested; however, are not held responsible for any damages incurred to personal property when delivery is made. Delivery instructions are followed as a courtesy and are at driver discretion.

  • Bulk & Split Delivery fees. For delivery outside of London please contact us. Split loads are $105/load with a maximum of two products; a split load can carry no more than 2-3 yards of each product and will vary depending on weight (ie. 3 yards of mulch and 2 yards of soil MAX). Patio and natural stone deliveries are $105/load. Deliveries of more than 5 yards of material are $105 flat rate in London. DELIVERY IS SUBJECT TO FUEL SURCHARGES.

  • Customers are not permitted to fill their own containers at our supply yard location.

  • We accept no responsibility for load capacity of customer vehicles; customers are responsible for securing their own loads. Customers entering the yard for pick-up are accepting responsibility for any vehicle damages that may occur during loading, transport, or off loading. 

  • Customers must remain in vehicle or at least 10 feet from equipment during operation at all times. 

  • Customers are not permitted to enter the bulk yard without proper PPE and the accompaniment of a staff member. Heavy equipment & vehicles are in operation. 

  • Please click here for COVID-19 information. 

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